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The translation operations manager’s way to keep f...

I once worked in a big corporation in the UK. At one point, I was..

3 things for a translation vendor manager to keep ...

Do you know the feeling when you juggle a lot at once and try not to make a..

What if you could save on your international commu...

Have you ever tried to build a tank? As in a military vehicle? I have.

Localization - what's in it for you, marketing exe...


What to look for when choosing your language partn...

Do you like chocolate? I love it!

7 things localization is not

In today’s world, there’s one visible trend in business.

Marketing executives' 2019 resolution to address a...

New year, new resolutions, trends and plans. As usual. 

Translation Therapy – how to make translation comp...

Remember what Ivan Drago said to Rocky Balboa in one of the “Rocky” movies?

Why marketing execs hit the wall with their strate...

So your company launches that new product. It’s fresh, innovative, one of a..

How to help your business rule the world

The sleepless nights, the deadlines, the meetings both with the internal..

To be, or not to be a Translation and Localization...

What happens when you Google Translate?

Since the start of the Internet, there have been a lot of changes that..

How not to drown in your translation

“We prefer to work with freelancers.” – that’s what Vendor Managers,..

Plan Your Global Success The Right Way

Global success is never a matter of coincidence.

How to tell if the translation price is right

“I understand that the level of service you provide is superior, including..