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Karolina Sarul
June 04, 2019

4 simple hacks to become a translation vendor management superstar

crowd-cheering-a-star-at-a-concertAre you loved by your team and your clients? Seriously.

Does everybody at your translation agency know how important you are?

You support your company’s growth. Literally.

You provide a pool of best translators, analyze and maintain the database, not to mention you constantly come up with new solutions to make the process smoother, more efficient and cost-effective. 

You solve problems, make quick but rational decisions and your choices weigh on the work of the production team and the whole company’s success.

So, since you are appreciated and loved in your translation company, I assume you do all 4 of those things below.

Just in case, though, if you’re not sure what they are, keep reading and get the love you deserve.

1. Negotiation

In your daily work, you negotiate a lot.

The rates, of course. You make sure everyone leaves the negotiation meeting happy and satisfied.

The rules of cooperation – and from what I heard this one can be tricky.

But that’s not all you negotiate. There's also a decision which translation agency gets to be picked by your project managers for the specific project that comes up. When there’s a need for a language services provider for an urgent project, do you have a say in who will do it?

People like to work with the vendors they know and it’s not easy to break this pattern. And when a decision has to be made quickly, the first instinct is to go to the known resources. The same goes to the not-so-urgent projects, I’m afraid.

And this is where you come in.

Using your negotiating skills (far more amicable than in what you just saw, of course), you can easily change your production team’s set ways. 

You would be taking them out of their comfort zone but at the same time helping them with their progress and with reaching their goals. This also helps your company with its constant growth and success, and your clients get what they need and succeed in their line of business too.

You are the one who can shake things up. For the good of everybody.


2. Communication

You talk a lot in your line of work. Talking to the potential vendors as well as clients and your coworkers, of course. Are the conversations always pleasant? 

As sometimes you are the problem-solver and to ease the pains of those you speak to, you have to understand them and make them understand you, but is it always nice and easy? I believe it can be painful. Whether this is written or spoken communication, it can get ugly. Not “four candles” ugly, but still difficult.

Communication is the key to every successful cooperation, and everybody knows it already. Regardless of it being team cooperation or with your vendors and clients. Due to your daily contact with all the parties involved, you are the one who gets to experience their communication skills first hand.

When you decide on which translation agency to recruit for your projects, communication skills should be the top priority together with the LSP being experts in the translations you need, using the tools you prefer and the processes you believe to be helpful. They should also be experts in sharing information and understanding the messages you convey.

If you choose a translation partner that will communicate with your production team in a seamless way, not adding to their stress levels, you will be loved by your project managers.

If you recruit a translation agency that gets your clients’ needs and message and at the same time provides useful, clear and important information, you will be loved by your clients too.

If you decide to go with a reliable translation vendor that communicates properly, listens carefully, delivers projects as promised and thus, helping your company grow, you will be loved by your bosses.


3. Inspiration

When you decide to hire a translation agency that performs a perfect job on a massive project and they win more projects for you, are you proud? You should be! After all, you brought the big guns in.

Your project managers choose the vendors they know, most of the time. Do you inspire them to go with someone you assessed as a good fit for projects that come up? Do you encourage them to check new translation agencies and never miss the opportunity of a great cooperation that results in your company’s growth in numbers and reputation?

When you see a good fit in a potential translation agency, you should speak up. If they offer what you and your clients need, have the tools and processes, knowledge of newest technologies and are able to deliver even the biggest projects with short deadlines, don’t let them go elsewhere.

Be the superstar that brings the wins by bringing in the best players.


4. Change

Do you ever get bored with your job? I hope not! It is, after all, an interesting industry that constantly evolves and so do you, right?

New technologies, processes, people and inspirations. There’s no time for routine and boredom.

So, motivate yourself and your team to try out new things. That goes for new translation vendors too.

Just make sure the new translation agency you choose really is a good fit. You know how.

Asking the right questions, doing the proper research, as usual. This actually, should never change. As your decisions have to be fully informed ones.

When you remember these 4 simple things, you will be a loved and appreciated translation vendor management superstar that has their clients’, their team's and the entire company’s back at all times.