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Karolina Sarul
May 14, 2019

Another translation client complaint? Call operations manager!

Truffle hunting, juggling a lot of balls, miracle-working. These are the descriptions I came across on the Internet while researching the role of translation operations manager. And they all seem to reflect one truth: you are a superhero.

Untitled design (2)-1As a translation operations manager, you thrive to streamline your business’ efficiency, you continuously look for ways to increase productivity and reduce the costs at the same time. You take on every challenge with creativity and make sure your teams stay motivated. 

One of your biggest responsibilities is taking care of unhappy customers. After all, who is called to the rescue when trouble comes? And as you take on the complaints that come your way, is there anything you might lose, fighting the wrong battles? Let’s see.

1. Time

Whenever a complaint comes in, your focus is on getting it solved ASAP. You stay in the office after hours, making sure the complaint is properly addressed and also ensuring that your team’s work isn’t understated as it often happens. You know that in some cases the complaints are based on the provider’s error, but some happen due to insufficient client review or poor communication at the beginning.

It’s crucial to diagnose the reasons behind the complaint and then to find a solution that makes your customer happy and does not damage the team’s spirit.

But why you? Your team should be able to solve the complaints at their end and present you with a positive outcome.

To be able to do that, they need a reliable partner to work with. A partner ready to listen, discuss, diagnose and find a solution without getting you and your whole team involved, regardless of the source of a complaint. This partner has resources that take on the complaint and make sure your team’s only job is to pass the complaint to them and then deliver the good news or explanation together with a solution. Your team can focus on their jobs as efficiently as possible, allowing you to do your superhero work without any unnecessary disturbance.


2. Money

When you focus on complaints, and you know sometimes they take a lot of time and effort, you miss out on your own goals. Your efforts towards increasing productivity and reducing costs go to waste. This means additional costs.

Having a partner that your teams can work with on any complaint saves money. Encouraging your teams to work with a language translation agency that has expertise and resources that fully enable them to solve any possible issue with a positive outcome both for your client and your company is what will help you focus on your business objectives, innovations and in the end, will help you save money instead of spending too much of it.


3. Peace of mind

Your job most certainly is not a relaxing one. As I once mentioned, working under pressure can get to you. So why not have a pool of reliable people around to make sure you have the right resources to delegate the tasks that do not require your personal involvement every time they occur?

You are the superhero, no doubt, but even superheroes must sleep sometimes. Otherwise, where will you find the energy to create and implement your innovative ways to increase productivity and profits? How will you be able to make sure your teams are satisfied with their jobs just as much as you are? In business and in life, having the right partner is what matters. Especially in moments of tests.

Motivate yourself and your teams to find the perfect translation partner and make sure you do not waste your time, money and in the end, keep your peace of mind intact to do your superhero work.