Plan Your International Business Growth The Right Way


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Marek Makosiej
May 11, 2018

Plan Your International Business Growth The Right Way

Global success is never a matter of coincidence.

It’s carefully crafted, it demands vision, breakthrough decisions and hard work. Often, it demands some advice from the outside to have a fresh look at something you thought you had known in and out. Many times, it’s a milestone that brings the team together, it triggers foundation for a future series of victories and as such sometimes requires some risk.

international business growth

This blog is the above-mentioned advice from the outside to make you even more successful  - by 50% on average and yes, it can be measured. Translation of your brand message, websites, documentation, software and everything else that your potential buyers expect to be delivered in their native languages. It’s about you and for you!

“If I am selling to you, I speak your language. If I am buying, dann müssen Sie Deutsch sprechen”.

This famous quote from Willy Brandt, a famous German statesman and a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, should be the first and the most important motto that should drive your efforts on local markets all over the world. Be global by being local. 

As surprising it may be, translation in the corporate environment is not a matter of coincidence, it’s a part of the plan. The globalization plan.

Start planning now

We are here to give you all the information you need to create such a plan and will present you 
the tools and tactics to implement it successfully. You will learn the difference between translation and localization and how these two work in the general international marketing strategy. 

You will learn that translation is a process, sometimes quite complex if you want to achieve great results. We will present the tools that will make your efforts easier, more consistent and will secure the quality of the output you expect. 

We will discuss any aspect of translation that may be valid to you, your company and your potential clients. We will arm you with the knowledge and expertise that will enable you to stay ahead of your competition. Even if up until today you had thought it was impossible because the competition was undefeated – now you will have the edge!

The game is on. You can do it.

Are you ready?