How translation and localization helps your company rule the world


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Marek Makosiej
September 20, 2018

How a translation agency helps your company rule the world

The sleepless nights, the deadlines, the meetings both with the internal team and the collaborating parties, the hectoliters of coffee and the rush of excitement coming from the new challenge. Sounds familiar?
This is the “new project effect”. 

translation agency

We all work on projects, we plan, we budget, we meet, and we deliver the best possible outcome for our clients, right? This is where our industries meet. The common ground. 

Engineering an album, technical content, creating a new, sophisticated online payment application, or sports industry marketing content – new product, new release, additional website - this all means one thing: a project. Taking specific steps towards meeting the customer’s needs, setting up an appropriate team, choosing tools that will make the project fly, communicating every step of the way with the customer, going back and forth on changes that need to be made. 

The fact is that our industries have a lot in common. Perhaps not in terms of what we do as it’s mostly a product vs. service thing, but in terms of how we do things. It's all about the process, after all, how you go about it. 

And since there are similarities, I assume you think of your area of expertise as “specific, demanding certain knowledge and unique”, right?  So do I about the language translation services industry. It’s not for everybody. “But it’s just translation, anyone can do it”, you might say. Well, “It’s just entertainment – you press record and it’s done” – others may respond, or it’s just sneakers’ advert or just a website – everyone can do it. 
Yeah, right. 

Since people in the translation industry know what and how they do what they do, it's worth trusting their experience. After all, it's all about the mutual success, isn't it?
And where there's a translation, there's a success. And success rules the world. 


The similarities in how we go about our work and also in the focus on our customers' success,  can lead to understanding each other better, building meaningful long-term relationships and then going together in the same direction for the benefit of users all over the world.

Great minds think alike, they say. I could convert it to “Great industries act alike”.  Will you join us?